Mr Wong Yew Meng

Mr Wong Yew Meng
Member, NTU Board of Trustees
Board Member, People's Association


Mr Wong Yew Meng was a Certified Public Accountant and an audit partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Singapore, before he retired in June 2008.  He specialised in the audit of banks and financial institutions and had experience in auditing companies in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, telecommunication, IT development, trading and services.

He helped build up the financial services practice in the then PriceWaterhouse, Singapore, and was the lead partner in charge of the Singapore financial services practice for 13 years.  Besides being involved in his clients' Initial Public Offer exercises, he was also an investigative accountant investigating the affairs of Baring Futures (Singapore) and China Aviation Oil Limited.

He serves on the boards of People's Association, Land Transport Authority of Singapore, Public Utilities Board, Competition Commission of Singapore, Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation Ltd, Venture Corporation Limited, Kidney Dialysis Foundation and  Singapore LSE Trust.

He graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science in England.

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