The NTU mace was commissioned in 1991 at a cost of $100,000 for use at ceremonial occasions which are attended and presided by the Chancellor. It was used for the first time at the Convocation ceremony held on 5 August 1992.

The entire mace measures 1,110mm and weighs 11kg; and created from 32 components which after the addition of the separately minted insignia or engraving, are plated with 22ct gold. The surfaces of the mace are generally of bright polished gold and are of different shades while some areas are matt polished to give emphasis to the design.

Four heraldic lions surround a sphere at the head of the mace identifying the University as an institution within the Republic of Singapore. Beneath the head of the mace is found the coat of arms of the University in low relief, repeated four times on prominent facets. Between the head and the stem are two rings: one engraved with the University's title and the other, a broad grooved ring of jade to contrast with the glittering gold surfaces. A tapered staff connects the head to the base which incorporates the University's seal and echoes the faceted form of the head.

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