AY2018-19 Higher Degree Graduates by Degree and Gender

As at 9 Sep 2019



​Doctor in Education4610
Doctor of Philosophy 111829
​Doctor of Philosophy (ADM)213
​Doctor of Philosophy (ASOE)​112​
Doctor of Philosophy (CEE)191130
Doctor of Philosophy (EEE)8822110
​Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-Future Healthcare) HealthTech NTU​14822
Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-New Media) IMI202
​Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-New Media) LILY213
​Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-New Media) MAGIC​101
​Doctor of Philosophy  (IGS-New Media) ROSE213
​Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-Sustainable Earth) EOS​12​3​
​Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-Sustainable Earth) ERIAN11920
Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-Sustainable Earth) ICRM​112
​Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-Sustainable Earth) NEWRI5510
​Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-Sustainable Earth) SCELSE213
Doctor of Philosophy (MAE)56662
Doctor of Philosophy (MSE)311344
Doctor of Philosophy (NBS)9514
Doctor of Philosophy (RSIS)112
Doctor of Philosophy (SBS)182341
Doctor of Philosophy (SCBE)91120
Doctor of Philosophy (SCI)459
​Doctor of Philosophy (SCSE)​301040
​Doctor of Philosophy (SOH)7613
Doctor of Philosophy (SPMS)471764
​Doctor of Philosophy (SSS)61117
Executive MBA Programme (English)22830
Executive MBA Programme (Shanghai)18826
Master in Educational Administration153550
Master of Arts235
​Master of Arts (ADM)224
Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics)12728
Master of Arts (Applied Psychology)22022
Master of Arts (Contemporary China)82129
Master of Arts (Counselling & Guidance)31720
Master of Arts (Educational Management)61218
Master of Arts (Instructional Design and Technology)11617
​Master of Arts (Leadership and Educational Change)21012
Master of Arts (SOH)5813
​Master of Arts (SSS)​044
​Master of Arts (Translation & Interpretation)62329
​Master of Arts in Humanities Education358
​Master of Arts in Professional Education​171330
​Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese As An International Lang.64551
Master of Communication Studies156
Master of Education96292388
​Master of Engineering (CEE)101
Master of Engineering (EEE)437
Master of Engineering (MAE)606
Master of Engineering (MSE)044
Master of Engineering (SCBE)101
​Master of Engineering (SCSE)325
Master of Mass Communication102838
Master of Public Administration - C9413
​Master of Public Administration - E9615
​Master of Science213
Master of Science (Exercise and Sport Studies)12618
Master of Science (Life Science)121527
Master of Science (Mathematics for Educators)6410
Master of Science (SBS)224
Master of Science (SPMS)527
​Master of Teaching112
​MBA Chinese​011
MBA(Banking & Finance)257
MBA(Marketing Management)​10​1​
MBA(Nanyang Fellows)16925
MBA (Strategy & Innovation)7714
MBA(Waseda) 6612
​Msc (Accountancy)102636
MSc(Aerospace Engineering) - Tum19625
MSc(Applied Economics)​1464​78​

​MSc(Applied Gerontology)

MSc(Asian Studies)171835
MSc(Biomedical Engineering)336
MSc(Civil Engineering)361753
MSc(Communication Engineering)212445
​MSc (Communications Engineering) - Prior to AY2017​202
​MSc (Computer Control & Automation)​422567
MSc (Computer Control & Automation) Wu​01​1​
MSc(Digital Media Technology)213

MSc(Electronics) WU

MSc(Embedded Systems)112
MSc(Environmental Engineering)6814
MSc(Financial Engineering)272249
​MSc(Green Electronics) - TUM13316
​MSc(Human Capital Mgt.)13114
MSc(Information Studies)185169
MSc(Information Systems)483583
MSc(Integrated Circuit Design)-Tum211233
MSc(International Construction Mgt)17623

​MSc(Asian Studies) - Warwick

MSc(International Political Economy)162541
MSc(International Political Economy) - Warwick112​
MSc(International Relations)262450
MSc(Knowledge Management)122941
MSc(Managerial Economics)435295
​MSc(Manufacturing Systems & Engineering)17320
​MSc(Maritime Studies)37946
MSc(Marketing & Consumer Insight)132336
MSc(Mechanical Engineering)481159
​MSc(Power Engineering)​361551
MSc(Power Engineering) Wu527
MSc(Precision Engineering)7411
​MSc(Project Management) - UoM23225

​MSc(Signal Processing)

​Msc(Signal Processing) - Prior To AY2017​202
​MSc(Signal Processing)-Wu​22​4​
MSc(Smart Product Design)28634
MSc(Strategic Studies)351247
MSc(Strategic Studies) Warwick033
​MSc(Supply Chain & Logistics)162238
MSc(Systems & Project Management)231538
MSc(Technology Mgt)381856
MSc(Technopreneurship & Innovation) - E302858

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