AY2018-19 First Degree Graduate Output by Degree and Gender

As at 9 Sep 2019
BFine Arts6994163
BCommunication Studies41175216
​BMedicine and Surgery​492776
BEng (Aerospace Eng)*10519124
BEng (Bioengineering)423476
BSc (Biological Sciences)96148244
BSc (Biomedical Sciences & BMedicine - Chinese Medicine)91423
​Bsc (Environmental Earth Systems Science)​72835
BEng (Chemical & Biomolecular Eng)*10539144
BSc (Chemistry & Biological Chemistry)93129222
BEng (Computer Eng)*44549
BEng (Computer Science)*21179290
BEng (Materials Eng)*15570225
BEng (Civil Eng)*9349142
BA (Chinese)1694110
BA (Economics)*62101163
BA (English)1690106
​BA (History)25
BA (Linguistics & Multilingual Studies)98291
​BA (Philosophy)92433
BA (Psychology)5178129
​BA (Public Policy and Global Affairs)362157
BA (Sociology)37119156
BEng (Environmental Eng)*251237
BEng (Electrical & Electronic Eng)478210688
BEng (Information Eng & Media)4260102
BSc (Mathematical Sciences)7089159
​BSc (Mathematics & Economics)2737​64
BSc (Applied Physics)9320113
BSc (Maritime Studies)354782
BSc (Sport Science & Management)482674
BEng (Mechanical Eng)*51473587
BA (Ed)217495
BSc (Ed)122840


* Figures include 221 students who graduated in 2019 from the double degree programmes - Accountancy and Business(177), Aerospace Engineering and Economics(7), Business and Computing(20), Business and Computer Engineering(2), Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and Economics(8),Civil Engineering and Economics (1),Environmental Engeering and Economics (1),Materials Engineering and Economics (1) and Mechanical Engineering and Economics(4).

^Late graduates not included. 


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