AY2017-2018 Higher Degree Graduates by Degree and Gender

As at 10 Sep 2018



​Doctor in Education369
Doctor of Philosophy 141933
​Doctor of Philosophy (ADM)022​
​Doctor of Philosophy (Amm&Ns)​101​
Doctor of Philosophy (CEE)18927
Doctor of Philosophy (EEE)10026126
​Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-Future Healthcare) HealthTech NTU​98​17​
​Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-Future Healthcare) NITHM​101​
Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-New Media) IMI1​0​1​
​Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-New Media) LILY516​
​Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-New Media) MAGIC​2​0​2
​Doctor of Philosophy  (IGS-New Media) ROSE404​
​Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-Sustainable Earth) COMPLEXITY10​1​
​Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-Sustainable Earth) EOS​20​2​
​Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-Sustainable Earth) ERIAN27835
Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-Sustainable Earth) ICRM​1​0​1
​Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-Sustainable Earth) NEWRI​128​20​
​Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-Sustainable Earth) SCELSE​8311
Doctor of Philosophy (MAE)611677
Doctor of Philosophy (MSE)331043
Doctor of Philosophy (NBS)10414
Doctor of Philosophy (RSIS)224
Doctor of Philosophy (SBS)243357
Doctor of Philosophy (SCBE)17623
Doctor of Philosophy (SCI)6915
​Doctor of Philosophy (SCSE)​33740
​Doctor of Philosophy (SOH)6814
Doctor of Philosophy (SPMS)722698
​Doctor of Philosophy (SSS)7815
Executive MBA Programme (English)23831
Executive MBA Programme (Shanghai)101
Master in Educational Administration541973
Master of Arts257
​Master of Arts (ADM)516
Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics)42731
Master of Arts (Applied Psychology)22123
Master of Arts (Contemporary China)21012
Master of Arts (Counselling & Guidance)21416
Master of Arts (Educational Management)11617
Master of Arts (Instructional Design and Technology)729
​Master of Arts (Leadership and Educational Change)4711
Master of Arts (SOH)81220
​Master of Arts (SSS)​033​
​Master of Arts (Translation & Interpretation)72128
​Master of Arts in Humanities Education7916
​Master of Arts in Professional Education​5​11​16
​Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese As An International Lang.45559
Master of Communication Studies246
Master of Education77253330
​Master of Engineering (CEE)​123
Master of Engineering (EEE)15419
Master of Engineering (MAE)325
Master of Engineering (MSE)314
Master of Engineering (SCBE)101
​Master of Engineering (SCSE)314
Master of Mass Communication192443
Master of Public Administration - C6713
​Master of Public Administration - E161127
​Master of Science123
Master of Science (Exercise and Sport Studies)8412
Master of Science (Life Science)111223
Master of Science (Mathematics for Educators)5510
Master of Science (SBS)268
Master of Science (SPMS)426
​Master of Teaching​145
​MBA Chinese​272552
MBA(Banking & Finance)8311
MBA(Nanyang Fellows)13619
MBA (Strategy & Innovation)18523
MBA(Waseda) 7613
​Msc (Applied Economics)​294069
​Msc (Accountancy)153651​
MSc(Aerospace Engineering) - Tum301040

​MSc(Applied Gerontology)

MSc(Asian Studies)142034
MSc(Biomedical Engineering)81624
MSc(Civil Engineering)281139
MSc(Communication Engineering)242145
​MSc (Communications Engineering) - Prior to AY2017​14115
​MSc (Computer Control & Automation)​532073
MSc(Digital Media Technology)102030

MSc(Electronics) WU

MSc(Embedded Systems)14620
MSc(Environmental Engineering)8513
MSc(Financial Engineering)161127
​MSc(Green Electronics) - TUM8513
​MSc(Human Capital Mgt.)20525​
MSc(Information Studies)172643
MSc(Information Systems)504696
MSc(Integrated Circuit Design)-Tum201131
MSc(International Construction Mgt)171330
MSc(International Political Economy)182846
MSc(International Political Economy) - Warwick​01​1​
MSc(International Relations)184462
MSc(Knowledge Management)124759
MSc(Managerial Economics)424082
​MSc(Manufacturing Systems & Engineering)20222
​MSc(Maritime Studies)39847
MSc(Marketing & Consumer Insight)61521
MSc(Mechanical Engineering)461763
​MSc(Power Engineering)​191433
MSc(Power Engineering) Wu011
MSc(Precision Engineering)15520
​MSc(Project Management) - UoM​147​21

​MSc(Signal Processing)

​Msc(Signal Processing) - Prior To AY2017​13​4​
MSc(Smart Product Design)251540
MSc(Strategic Studies)34842
MSc(Strategic Studies) Warwick101
​MSc(Supply Chain & Logistics)211839
MSc(Systems & Project Management)16521
MSc(Technology Mgt)33942
MSc(Technopreneurship & Innovation) - E362864

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