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Celebrating 30 Years of Momentum

In just three decades, NTU has risen to stand among the world’s best universities. Despite our short history, NTU has a track record of sparking ideas and insights, and pioneering bold moves in education, research and innovation.

NTU is home to thought leaders and change makers who have contributed to its meteoric rise and made us all proud to be part of the OneNTU community. To commemorate NTU’s 30th anniversary, this digital time capsule is intended to hold the most impactful memories of your time at NTU.

Share a unique memory, achievement or innovation that you feel is a significant part of NTU’s legacy. If your entry is chosen to be among the 30 to be preserved in the time capsule as part of our collective memory, you will be invited to a special event where the time capsule is sealed. So, tell us a story that will inspire future generations of the OneNTU community in 2041.

Letter from NTU President Prof Subra Suresh to the NTU Community

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Prof Subra Suresh reflects on NTU’s journey and the way forward as the university marks its 30th anniversary. Paying tribute to the NTU community for steering it to global distinction, he encourages students, staff and faculty to continue building on the university’s 30 years of momentum.

He outlines some of the activities marked for the birthday year and sees the celebrations as a platform to draw broader attention to what NTU has achieved and where it is headed. 

Commenting on the significance of creating a time capsule, Prof Suresh invites the NTU community to contribute items that will offer future generations a glimpse of the current times. He also calls on the university community to continue to strive for excellence and to realise the vision for NTU 2025.

Letter from Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Education to the class of the future

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Be inspired by the hopes and ambitions penned by Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Education, in his open letter for the Class of 2041. Referring to the graduating class as “the architects and pioneers of the SG100 generation” he shares some of the norms and traditions currently practiced, and others that may still be a part of future generations.

Stressing on the continued relevance of acquiring cross disciplinary skills and building global networks, he encourages them to build on their foundational skills and common values to lead Singapore into the next century.

Share your most inspiring memory


Tell us what makes your memento special and why it should be preserved in the time capsule. You may contribute anything from documents and images to videos and audio files.

moments that matter

Browse through the gallery below and give a thumbs up on your favourite memorabilia submitted by other contributors.

Share your best memories with friends and family using #NTUsg30. Invite them to join the celebrations.

Build a memory bank

Join in the celebrations by contributing your favourite NTU memory by 31 October 2021. From this collective memory bank, 30 will be chosen to be preserved for posterity and sealed in the time capsule.


*Technical Specifications:

  • Accepted formats include JPG, PNG, MP3, MP4 and PDFs.


  • For images, please ensure the image is a resolution of at least 1280x720 (with minimum width of 640 pixels) or under 2MB.


  • For video clips, please keep the footages under 50MB. YouTube videos are accepted for videos exceeding 50MB, by uploading via the "YouTube URL" field. 


  • For audio and documents files, please keep the files under 5MB. An accompanying image will be required with the audio and documents. Please upload the image file in JPG or PNG using the "Upload additional file/s" field.

Get a sneak peek into the memories of NTU

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The first milestone of my life at NTU

I've been on a learning journey at NTU since 2012. As a PhD student today, I'd like to share my experiences with the class of 2041.

A sweet moment with Prof Bertil Andersson at NTU Fest 2015

Squatting down for an impromptu snap, Prof Andersson leaves us with an unforgettable memory and a big smile. 

The NTU Robot That Built an IKEA Chair

In April 2018 a first-of-its-kind demonstration of a fully-automated assembly of a complex piece of furniture marked the paradigm shift in Robotics and AI globally.

Impacting students with special needs

The message of inclusivity that underlies the Special Education progamme at NIE will always stay with me and motivate me to continue helping people with disabilities.