Compensation for URECA Participation

​Category  Compensation

Category A

  • Students who hold a scholarship/bursary of > $3,000 per year.

  • Students who receive a one-time scholarship/bursary of > $3,000 in the same year of their URECA enrolment.​

  • Students who select ATREC-URECA or DSO-URECA projects (regardless of scholarship/bursary amount).


Note: ATREC and DSO have their reward structures. URECA students
​un​dertaking ATREC-URECA or DSO-URECA projects are eligible to receive rewards directly from the sponsoring organization.


Academic Units
(AUs) only


(Not Applicable to 

LKCM students)

Category B

  • Students who hold a scholarship/bursary of ≤ $3,000 per year (including those who do not hold any scholarship/bursary).

  • Students who receive a one-time scholarship/bursary of ≤ $3,000 in the year of their URECA enrolment (regardless of previous one-time payment).


Note: Students are expected to select as per their preference upon project registration and change after scholarship/bursary status is known.


Academic Units (AUs) 

(LKCM students - 
Stipend only)

Category C

  • CN Yang Scholars​​


Academic Units 
(AUs) only 


Note: Exchange in the above category of participation is not allowed.

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