Project Consumables Funding

​​​​​​The URECA project consumables claims are only for items which are required for the research project and to be used for the duration (August to June) of the project.

The claimable amount is S$800 per academic year for each URECA project and FYP-URECA project.

Note: The above only applies to URECA and ATREC-URECA projects. For DSO-URECA, IME-URECA, NMC-URECA and SIMTech-URECA, consumables items are to be purchased through the sponsoring organisations.


For DSO-URECA, please contact Mr Tan Yan Shan Cheltton at

For IME-URECA, please contact Ms Sally Ong Wey Pyng at

For NMC-URECA, please contact Dr Tung Siew Kong at

For SIMTech-URECA, please contact Dr Qi Xiaoying at

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