​​​​​​From the Ancient Greek comes


An exclamation used as an interjection to celebrate a discovery; meaning approximately "I found it".

Have you got what it takes?

A keen intellect, strong passion, curiosity, motivation to acquire new knowledge

Then URECA is for you.

URECA (Undergraduate Research Experience on CAmpus) is an elite university-wide undergraduate research programme that gives you the opportunity to

  • Develop a deeper understanding of what you are studying
  • Acquire the research skills necessary to your field of study and future job
  • Challenge your knowledge beyond textbook and classroom, and learn to look at an issue from more than one perspective
  • Help you decide if a career in research is for you
  • Prepare for postgraduate research studies
  • Enhance your prospects of job opportunities with our partner organisations

Why should you pursue URECA research projects

  • You want to further explore an issue that intrigues you
  • Research is where freedom to think outside the box is a reality
  • You want to prepare yourself for graduate study
  • You want to know if graduate study (or a future career in research) is for you
  • You want to work closely with a professor to acquire new knowledge
  • You want to broaden and deepen what you know to challenge your knowledge
  • You have a strong passion for new knowledge and knowledge creation
  • You want to earn AUs or stipend
  • You like the prestige or honor of being a URECA student ​

Download URECA Brochure.

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