How does URECA work

URECA eligible students will

1.       Receive the invitation to participate in URECA programme by end July/Early August.

2.       Decide to

3.       Arrange to meet the professor to express interest in the research project for supervision. The professor will register the student to a URECA project when there is a mutual interest.

4.       Confirm the project registration and select his/her URECA compensation (Academic Units** or Stipends***) according to eligibility.

5.       Undertake a research project under the supervision of the professor and work with his/her research team over a period of eleven months (August to June).


* Collaborative projects are sponsored by the partner research organisations, and jointly supervised by NTU professors and senior research scientists of the respective partner organisations.

** URECA is an Unrestricted Elective (UE), which is part of the General Education Requirement (GER) curriculum. It awards 4 Academic Units (AUs) and these AUs will count towards the total AUs requirement for GER-UE course.

*** Students can choose to receive between stipend and AUs depending upon their scholarship/bursary status. Students can receive up to a maximum URECA stipend of $400 per month for a period of eleven months

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