URECA Student Club


The URECA Student Club is a student organisation runs by the URECA students. Every URECA eligible studentswho enrolled in URECA programme is automatically a member of URECA student club. As a URECA club member, you can participate in the annual URECA Club Management Committee Election conducted by the previous URECA club committee in September.

Since its inauguration in 2006, the URECA Student Club has organized various activities and events not only offer excellent networking opportunities among URECA students but also provide valuable information and ideas that benefited to their research work.  Through various activities organized, the club aims to promote interactions among URECA students; inject vibrancy and colours to the life-on-campus; as well as provide useful resources for research. ​

Core Values



To be the leading research-based undergraduate club in Singapore.


To provide an interactive platform for URECA students and professors.

To promote awareness of URECA programme and its research achievements.

To create a vibrant researh environment that stimulates the knowledge and competencise of URECA students​.


Find out more and do​ keep a lookout for new activities and events coming your way through NT​U URECA Student Club W​ebsite.​

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