Welcome to Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus Programme​​​​


"Enriching student learning by helping them embark on a journey of conducting first-hand research" – this is the mission of NTU's Undergraduate Research Experience on CAmpus (URECA) program. Offered to outstanding second and third-year students, URECA aims to inculcate the love for research in our brightest and most brilliant.​​

Since its inception in 2004, URECA has forged collaborations with National Labora​​tories and Research Institutes to enable NTU undergraduates to meaningfully situate their theoretical knowledge in actual research work. Our partnership with DSO National Laboratories has given our DSO-URECA scholars a chance to work in challenging defense-related research projects, while our collaboration with the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology has yielded the invaluable opportunity for our students to engage in research projects with industrial relevance. In addition to these strategic partners, URECA has formed more collaborations, namely with the Advanced Technology Research Centre (ATREC) and A*STAR's Institute of Microelectronics. These will facilitate even more quality industry exposure for our URECA scholars.

URECA has also extended its reach to FYP-URECA, where graduating students continue to pursue the research they started in the second or third year for their Final Year Projects. Some students have taken URECA beyond Singapore shores and pursued research at overseas universities as part of their GEM Discoverer program and GEM Explorer program.

Besides laboratory experiments, the work done by our URECA scholars also finds resonance in the wider research community: they get published in journals of international repute, some as first author, and they also present their research at international conferences every year.

At URECA, we are heartened by our scholars' enthusiastic response to our program. Their warm response is no doubt a tribute to all the professors who have supervised and mentored them. I would like to take this opportunity to salute the URECA students and professors for the excellent work they have done.

We look forward to enriching the URECA program further with the continued support of all our partners and contributors.​

Associate Professor AI Sivakumar
Director, Undergraduate Research Experience on CAmpus Programme Office​​​​

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