​​Since its inception, URECA has forged several partnerships with external organisations to expand and enhance the range of research projects.  Students can either choose to undertake projects proposed by NTU professors or projects proposed jointly by NTU professors and partner organisations.

 Project Type  Partner Research Organisation
 URECA NTU Professors Only
 IDR-URECA​​ NTU Professors from different academic disciplines
 ATREC-URECA Adv​anc​ed Technology Research Centre (ATREC)
 IME-URECA Institute of Microelectronics (IME)​
 NMC-URECA National Metrology Centre (NMC)
 SIMTech-URECA Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech)

Collaborative projects are sponsored by the partner organisations, and jointly supervised by NTU professors and senior research scientists of the respective partner organisations.

Final Year Project-URECA (FYP-URECA)

FYP-URECA is open to all students who have successfully completed one academic year of URECA programme.

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