Self - Proposed URECA Research Project

URECA eligible student is required to complete the student project proposal template through a self-proposed URECA research project system, select a supervisor from any school and submit the project to the selected professor.

Example of the Self-proposed URECA research project in the URECA Project Management System:

URECA Proposed Project
Project Title:
Brief Description of Project:
Research Interest:
Select Supervisor:                                             
Student's Details:
​Study Year (2nd,3rd,4th Year):
Contact number:


There is no limitation on the number of URECA project proposal a student can submit. You may create your URECA project proposal and save it as draft. However, your draft saved has to be submitted to the selected professor before a new project proposal can be created.


Professor will receive an auto email on the project proposal with the details you have entered. Student will also receive an acknowledgement auto email that his/her project proposal has been sent to the selected professor. Please follow-up directly with the professor if you did not receive a reply from the professor.


When there is a mutual interest, the professor will upload your proposed URECA research project and register you to the project.

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