Conference Funding


To enable URECA students to broaden their research experience and to keep abreast with the latest developments in their field of study. 


URECA students can apply for conference funding to attend conferences, subject to meeting the following eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant must be a registered NTU student at the time of submitting the conference funding application. 
    Either a registered URECA or FYP-URECA student or a former URECA or FYP-URECA student who has successfully completed at least 1 academic year of URECA / FYP-URECA programme.
    Student who has successfully completed the FYP-URECA programme earlier and registered as an NTU postgraduate student must submit the conference funding application within 1 year of the completion of undergraduate studies.
  • Student must have a full paper accepted for oral presentation at a conference.
  • Student must be the first author of the paper accepted for presentation at a reputable conference.
  • Student must be the sole presenter (not accompanying the presenter in a co-authored paper).
  • Student must present his/her paper in the conference main session. Presentation in PhD or poster session will not be eligible for URECA conference support fund.
  • Poster presentation is generally not supported (in line with NTU policy). Exception is only applicable for School of Art, Design and Media for poster presentation at highly reputable poster conference may be considered on a selected basis with justification.
  • In the case of a joint presentation with another URECA student, the grant may be divided, but application for conference assistance by all parties must be submitted together. 

URECA conference support fund is only applicable for conference with a full paper acceptance for oral presentation. Poster or abstract presentation only conference will not be supported.
No exception will be given.

Student who is applying for URECA conference support fund is required to confirm with the conference organiser on the above before registering for the conference.

Note: Conference Proceedings (e.g. CD-ROM, proceedings booklet, web publication, etc.) of the published paper with URECA Acknowledgement must be provided as one of the supporting documents to reimburse the conference expenses.

The above conference funding is not an entitlement and the approval is based strictly on multiple factors including student performance, and the quality of the proposed conference (e.g. conference organiser, conference paper rejection rate, etc).


Student must acknowledge URECA's funding in the published paper under the subtitle "Acknowledgement". The statement in this section must read:

We wish to acknowledge the funding for this project from Nanyang Technological University under the Undergraduate Research Experience on CAmpus (URECA) programme.

Please note that papers submitted without the above acknowledgement will not be supported.

Funding Value 

Overseas Conference Funding 

The terms of financial funding:

  • Reimbursement of actual economy-class return airfare based on the lowest airfare quotation;
  • Up to 100% of registration fee;
  • Accommodation and transportation expenses are subject to approval.
  • The total financial funding is subject to a maximum quantum of funding cap as shown in the below table. 
  Maximum Quantum of Financial Funding
 1. Singapore Full Registration
 2. United States, Canada & Europe SGD 2500
 3. Asia Pacific & India SGD 1600
 4. Any other countries SGD 1000​

Local Conference Funding 

The terms of financial funding for International Conference held in Singapore is up to 100% of registration fee.

The above conference funding is awarded to one conference held overseas and one conference held in Singapore per student per academic year subject to approval. 

Application Procedure

  1. Student completes the online conference funding application and attaches supporting documents in 1 PDF file though StudentLink.
  2. Student submits conference funding application form and all the supporting documents to supervising professor through StudentLink.
  3. Professor reviews and supports the conference funding application through StaffLink.
  4. URECA school coordinator reviews and supports the conference funding application through StaffLink.
  5. Chair nominee (Assoc Chair/Head of Dept) reviews and supports the conference funding application through StafftLink.
  6. URECA administrator checks for all documents. Attach new supporting documents, if any through StaffLink.
  7. All applications are properly reviewed and evaluated by a committee which recommends the level of support through StaffLink.
  8. URECA administrator informs the student on his/her application outcome.​

Supporting Documents Required

  1. Conference brochure/official handout on conference.
  2. Correspondences from organiser pertaining to participation or invitation to the conference and grant of financial assistance, it applicable.
  3. Correspondence regarding the acceptance of paper.
  4. Copy of the paper for conference presentation showing the acknowledgement.
  5. Presentation schedule showing the student's name.
  6. Documentation evidence of registration fee to be paid.
  7. Approved Short Leave of Absence (LOA) from the School is required for conference held during teaching weeks.
  8. 3 airfare quotations, including 1 from an Appointed Travel Agent (if student chose to travel by budget airline, 3 airfare quotations are not required).
  9. Quotation on single room rate accommodation which is claimable within the maximum of URECA conference funding cap.
  10. Any other relevant documents, why you may deem useful in supporting the application.

Application Deadline

The URECA Conference funding application form must be submitted with all supporting documents at least 8 weeks before the commencement of the conference, or at least 8 weeks before the date that registration/other fees need to be paid (if applicable), whichever is earlier. 

Student who submitted the URECA conference funding application after attending the conference will not be accepted for review and evaluation by the URECA publication sub-committee.

Entry VISA Application

If a formal invitation letter is needed for entry visa application, please obtain it from the school. URECA Programme Office is not authorised to issue letter for entry VISA application. Visa application fees are to be borne by the applicant.

Overseas Travel and Declaration

The University has also put in place a Travel Registry System to capture travel information of students. This would enable the University to respond timely, especially in facilitating communication with the affected members, in the event of an emergency.

FYP-URECA and URECA students travelling outside Singapore for con​ferences are required to fill in the 
Declaration Form prior to their departure.


FYP-URECA and URECA students travelling outside Singapore for conferences are required to hold a minimum level of travel insurance. Please refer to the Student Affairs Office website on Travel Insurance for Students.  Travel insurance fees are to be borne by the applicant.

Disclaimer: URECA programme office is not liable for the coverage of death, any form of disability, hospitalization, medical and any other costs arising from any such event when travelling overseas for conference.

Conference Funding Claims 

URECA Conference Funding are made on a reimbursement basis. Claims will be processed after the student return from the conference with original documented evidence of student's presentation schedule, expenses/receipts, tickets, etc. 

Prior to making their conference claims, applicants are required to submit a copy of the paper presented and a write-up of 300 words, accompanied by a high resolution photograph, on their conference experience for possible inclusion in the URECA yearbook and website.

Click here for the claims guidelines and form.​

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