Roles and Responsibilities

​​​​​URECA supervision includes but not limited to the following:

  • Communicate your expectations to your URECA student clearly    
  • Meet your URECA student at a reasonable frequency  
  • Coach and provide research training, if applicable 
  • Assign your URECA student to work within specific laboratory or team, if applicable  
  • Give feedback to your URECA student on his/her progress  
  • Pay attention to your URECA student's research progress and take appropriate action if the student does not show satisfactory progress 
  • URECA students who are on Internship or Exchange Programme (e.g. GEM Discoverer or GEM Explorer) must be observed more closely for research progress 
  • Assess and approve your URECA student's claims / Research Hour Record 
  • Conduct URECA student assessment
  • Deregister your URECA student if he/she wishes to drop out from URECA within the Add/Drop period (30 Sept)


URECA Student's Assesment and Grading

All URECA students are graded based on URECA Assessment regardless of the category of URECA participation (AU or Stipend).

The URECA programme is an unrestricted elective (UE), which is part of the General Education Requirement (GER) curriculum.

Upon successful completion of the URECA programme, students who chose AUs as their category of URECA participation will be awarded 4 AUs to be used to fulfill unrestricted electives. The subject "Undergraduate Research" is reflected as a 'Pass' or 'Fail' grade in their transcript. Pass/fail grade will not have any bearings on the computation of students' GPA.


The assessment process and criteria are as follows:​

5%Mid-Dec1 pageThis may include research planning, problem definition and initial literature review.

To URECA supervising professor for Professor’s assessment only

(No  electronic submission via StudentLink or submission to URECA office is required.)

-End-Dec-Minimum 40 hours of research work accomplished and claim hours submitted through the system.Admin check and recommend
20%End-Jan1 poster

(i) Softcopy of one exibit-able ​​research poster

(ii) B&W hardcopy
 of poster (A4 size)

Template will be provided.

Student may apply to participate in the URECA Exhibition and Poster Competition held in conjunction with NTU Open House.

(i) Electronic submission to supervising professor via StudentLink

(ii) Hardcopy to be submitted to URECA Programme Office


​10%​End-May​250 words​Abstract of URECA research project


Student may apply to participate in the International Conference of Undergraduate Research-URECA (ICUR-URECA) held in NTU on last week of September.

(i) Electronic submission to supervising professor via StudentLink
30%End-Jun4-12 pages (4 minimum and 12 maximum)

(i) URECA Research Paper 

Template will be provided.

(ii) Report, etc., as requested by professor

The Similarity Index of URECA Research Paper in the Originality Report from Turnitin should not exceed 4% for any individual source.

(i) Electronic submission to 
    supe​rvising professor via

(ii) Other submissions to
     professor as requested.

35%End-J​un-Research experience demonstrated by student as assessed by the URECA supervising professor (and co-supervisor, if any) based on the student's research activities throughout the URECA period.-


Mandatory 160 research hours (Maximum 440 hours)


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