How to Get Involved

Faculty who is interested to participate in URECA supervision may upload URECA project proposal(s) in URECA Proposal System through the StaffLink during the Call for URECA Project Proposal from April to July.

There is no limit to the number of project proposals a professor can submit in the system. Kindly ensure that project is appealing to the undergraduates using the appropriate vocabulary to describe interesting research projects.

Please note: Faculty who had uploaded their URECA project proposals last academic year but did not register any URECA student to the projects, may copy them to the new academic year. These projects will not be uploaded automatically into the new semester data.

The URECA proposal consists of a title, pre-requisite and a 100 words brief description and key tasks for student.

Example of the URECA project proposal fields for input in the URECA Project Management System:

Project ID:​Auto-allocated

Brief Description and

Key Tasks for PRS*:

Peak of Excellence:Sustainable Earth / Secure Community / Healthy Society / Global Asia / Future Learning / Others Drop down menu selection

*PRS- NTU President Research Scholar​

The list of URECA projects which is accessible through the URECA website intranet is opened to eligible students from first week of August. (Access to URECA system via Studentlink is only available to student after a professor has registered the student to a URECA project.)

The eligible students will arrange to meet the NTU Professors on the respective projects of their interest. When there is mutual interest, the professor will register the student to the project via Stafflink.

Each URECA project can only be registered to one eligible student. If a professor would like to supervisor another eligible student, he/she has to upload another URECA project proposal with slight differentiation in project title to register the student via Stafflink.


Interdisciplinary Research – URECA (IDR-URECA)

1. Professors may select up to two or three professors from different academic disciplines to jointly come up with an Interdisciplinary Research-URECA (IDR-URECA) project proposals to be uploaded in URECA project proposal system through Stafflink.

2. Professors who do not have an Interdisciplinary research collaborator(s), may access the Research Directory to identify their co-supervisors.

3. Mutual agreement is needed on the responsibility for IDR-URECA project.  The tasks of proposal upload, approval of student's stipend claims, project consumables claims, research hour-record, URECA deliverables (poster, abstract & paper) and mark entry will be made by one professor who is the default owner. The ownership can be changed to any of the co-supervisors if necessary, any time before the start of project.

4. Similar to URECA, the call for IDR-URECA project proposal only applies to faculty at Assistant Professor and above.  [Exceptions will be based on individual school Chair recommendation]. Visiting Professors are also welcome to participate in URECA supervision, but as a joint supervisor together with a full time NTU/NIE Faculty who will act as the main supervisor.

5. There is no limit on the number of IDR-URECA project proposals uploaded in the URECA system. However, one IDR-URECA project can only be registered to one URECA student, which is the same as URECA.

6. The maximum number of URECA and IDR-URECA students a professor can supervised is 6. The total cap of 6 is limited to a maximum of 0 to 4 URECA students and 0 to 6 IDR-URECA students excluding FYP-URECA students.

Example: a professor may supervise

4 URECA students + 2 IDR-URECA students = 6 or

3 URECA students + 3 IDR-URECA students = 6 or

2 URECA students + 4 IDR-URECA students = 6 or

1 URECA students + 5 IDR-URECA students = 6 or

0 URECA students + 6 IDR-URECA students = 6.


7. Each professor could claim for URECA work load (equivalent to FYP-URECA supervision).

8. The project consumable funds for each IDR-URECA project is up to $800 per academic year with similar claim criteria as current URECA. 

9. Duration and all other aspects will remain exactly the same as URECA (e.g. stipend, AUs, assessment, grading, deliverables, eligibility for conference fund and URECA journal awards, etc.).


Collaboration Process with Partner Research Organization

1. SIMTech-URECA projects are URECA projects jointly supervised by one External Research Organization researcher and one NTU professor.

2. SIMTech-URECA research projects proposals could be created in a number of ways and direction:

I.       SIMTech researcher who is looking for NTU collaborator(s)

Step1: SIMTech-URECA coordinator(s) in SIMTech:

- Communicates with the SIMTech researchers who are interested to collaborate with NTU professors on SIMTech-URECA project.

- Provides a list of SIMTech-URECA project proposals specifying the School / Discipline of the collaborator(s) and the contact information of the SIMTech researcher(s).

Step 2: URECA office:

- Circulates the SIMTech-URECA project proposals list to NTU faculty according to the School / Discipline specified by the respective SIMTech researchers.

- Informs the NTU faculty to contact the respective SIMTech researchers who proposed the projects for collaboration directly.

II.      SIMTech researcher who has identified NTU collaborator(s)

SIMTech researchers, who have identified their NTU collaborating professors may proposed SIMTech-URECA projects and request the NTU professors to upload the project proposals in the URECA Project Management System through StaffLink during the call for URECA Project Proposal period. (NTU professor who is submitting the SIMTech-URECA project for the first time needs to inform URECA office to grant the access to switch the project type to SIMTech-URECA.)

III.      NTU Professor(s) is looking for SIMTech collaborator(s)

URECA office will forward the request to SIMTech-URECA coordinator(s) in SIMTech to assist with finding the SIMTech collaborator(s) and inform SIMTech researcher(s) to contact the NTU professor directly for collaboration. SIMTech-URECA coordinator(s) in SIMTech will inform URECA office if no suitable collaborator.


Partner Research Organization

Project TypePartner Research OrganizationCoordinators
ATREC-URECAAdvanced Technology Research ​Centre (ATREC)

Mr Lee Kim Seng

Ms Joanne Chua

DSO-URECADSO National Laboratories (DSO)Mr Tan Yan Shan Cheltton
IME-URECAInstitute of Microelectronics (IME)Ms Sally Ong Wey Pyng
SIMTech-URECASingapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech)

Mr Chong Wee Keat

NMC-URECANational Metrology Centre (NMC)Dr Tung Siew Kong


Research Organization interested to participate in the URECA programme, please write-in to Director of URECA Programme.


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