​Month​​URECA Activities
​April - End July

​Call for URECA project proposal for professors

​End July - Early August

​Invitation to URECA eligible students

​Early August

​Commencement of URECA projects

URECA projects registration system opens

URECA claims system opens

​Mid August

​URECA Orientation & Prize Presentation Ceremony

​End September

​International Conference of Undergraduate Research-URECA (ICUR-URECA)

End of URECA project registration and add/drop period

​Early October

​Research Integrity Course Modules through NTULearn

​Early December

​URECA research poster submission system opens

​Mid December

​URECA students submit research report (formulation of research problem) to supervising professors

​End December

​Student - Accomplished minimum 40 hours of research work

Supervising professor - Review URECA students' progress and take appropriate action on URECA students who spent <40 hours of research effort

​Early January

​​Invitation to participate in The Undergradaute Awards (UA-URECA)

​End January

​URECA students to submit softcopy of one exhibit-able research poster to supervising professors via StudentLink

URECA students to submit hardcopy of the exhibit-able research poster to URECA Programme Office

​​Early February

​URECA students registration with Office of Academic Services (OAS)
Call for FYP-URECA proposal and registration

Early March

​​Discover URECA@NTU Poster Exhibition and Competiton

​End April

​URECA research paper submission system opens

URECA mark entry system opens

URECA feedback system opens

​End May

Abstract of URECA research project

​End June

​URECA students submit research paper to supervising professors via StudentLink
(30th June is the last day for paper submission)

URECA students submit claims
(30th June is the last day for claims submission)

URECA Programme feedback system closes

​Early July

​URECA mark entry system closes
(End of first week of July is the last day of marks submission)

URECA claims system closes
(End of first week of July is the last day for claims approval)

​Mid July

​URECA final marks submission to OAS by School Coordinators​


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