Stipend Claims

​​​Approval Process

The process for approving stipend claims is as follows:

Step 1: Approve or Reject daily claims

Step 2: Forward the claim form to Office of Finance (if all claims are approved) or send claim form back to NTU PRS for amendments (if there are any rejected claims)

Step 3: Track claim form status

Accessing Students' Claims

To access students' claims:

Step 1: Log on to StaffLink

Step 2: Select "URECA Project Management System"

Click Approving Stipend Claims for Claims System User Guide.

URECA Student Stipend Claims Guidelines

Maximum claimable: 40 hours per month regardless of whether it is semester time or semester break

URECA scholars may claim for hours spent on the following:

  • Reading relevant research material
  • Experimentation
  • Lab work, field work, creating software/ hardware or conducting simulation
  • Briefing by the supervisor
  • Writing paper/report/poster - typical hours for paper, report, or poster should be no more than 15 hours each

The following items are not claimable: transport time, taxi fares, time spent in URECA exhibitions/events, time spent in attending conferences, time spent in attending seminars, learning software and studying software/hardware manuals.​

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