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The International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR)​ was founded by the Monash-Warwick Alliance in 2013. ICUR is an innovative undergraduate research conference which allows undergraduate students to present on the world stage. Students have the opportunity to be selected to introduce their cutting-edge research to students, academics, and members of the public while developing core academic and vocational skills like networking, career planning, and publishing for an academic audience.


NTU URECA is honoured to be partnered with the Monash-Warwick Alliance. The partnership will be an important milestone for URECA programme in shaping our outstanding undergraduates into the next generation of researchers.

ICUR is a distinctive opportunity for URECA/ FYP-URECA students to showcase their cutting-edge research in a prestigious undergraduate conference. Students can seize the opportunity to internationalise their research experience by presenting on the world stage. The conference will also offer workshops to students to learn how to maximise their research potential through academic publishing avenues, networking for career success as well as industry meet-and-greet sessions.

ICUR-URECA is an opportunity for URECA/ FYP-URECA students to
1. Showcase their cutting-edge research in a formal, yet supportive, academic environment
2. Internationalise their university experience by presenting on the world stage
3. Understand how to articulate the importance of their research across disciplinary boundaries
4. Develop an appreciation of how local or global imperatives shape their research area
5. Gain experience of attending an academic conference

We believe the ICUR will provide a wonderful and unique opportunity for our students to broaden their research endeavours and personal horizons in an international contex​t.​​​​

Please click here for more information on ICUR Programme 2016.

Please click here for more information on ICUR-URECA Conference Session(s) 2016.

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