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Dr Peter Looker
Head, Teaching, Learning and Pedagogy Division (TLPD)

Associate Professor Peter Looker has been working in learning and teaching development since 2002, after being a lecturer in English Literature for 16 years. He has worked at the Australian National University, UNSW (Canberra and Sydney), UNSW Asia, University of Newcastle, and as a consultant at City University, Hong Kong. He has several awards related to learning and teaching development from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, and has been an active member of the Carnegie Association for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in the US.
Dr Red Mendoza
Deputy Director (Pedogogical Practice),
LKCMedicine - E-Learning/ IT Systems and Services

Dr Red is a medical doctor by training and a pathologist by practice. His unusual predisposition is a product of liberal arts, business- and public administration and medical education. He left medicine for the love of teaching in 2005 and has never looked back.

Currently, as a Deputy Director for Pedagogical Practice, he is in-charge of disseminating Team-Based Learning, the pedagogy of choice at NTU’s Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine to the rest of the university.
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Lim Fun Siong
Deputy Director (Pedogogical Practice),
LKCMedicine - E-Learning/ IT Systems and Services

Fun Siong was the head of faculty development at Republic Polytechnic. He has over 10 years of experience in conceptualising, designing and conducting programmes in the area of student-centred teaching, assessment and curriculum design. He holds a Master of Arts (Educational Management). In 2010, he led the conceptualisation of the Specialist Diploma in Applied Learning and Teaching, a teacher training programme for private educators in Singapore with the Council for Private Education. He was also nominated to validate the WSQ Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education under the Institute of Adult Learning in 2009.
Mellissa Callendre Tawin
Senior Assistant Director (Pedagogical Practice)

Mellissa is an Accredited Master Trainer certified by the University of Cambridge for their International Diploma for Teachers and Trainer programmes. She also holds a Master in Education Management (MEd. Leadership) and was the Director of the School of Languages and Foundation Studies at a leading Private Education Institution in Singapore. At TLPD, Mellissa provides resources, support and consultation on Academic Integrity and administration of the NTU’s online Academic Integrity modules for Undergraduates. She manages the overall operations and publicity of NTU’s Faculty Development System (FDS) that provides faculty development workshops and programmes, in addition to co-leading, organising and promotion of events via NTU’s Annual Learning and Teaching conference and seminars, and Distinguished Speakers’ Series.
Melvyn Tan
Assistant Director (Faculty Development)

Melvyn holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Murdoch University and a Master of Education (Curriculum & Teaching) from Nanyang Technological University. He acquired more than 12 years management experience in commerce and industry before embarking on a career in academia in 2007. Since then, he has been teaching business related courses at the tertiary level. He joined NTU in 2014 to manage and facilitate learning on the University Teaching for Teaching Assistants’ Program.
Yeong Jin-Yuan (JY)
Assistant Director (Programme Management)

Possessing a M.A in International Studies and currently pursuing a Master in Education Management at NIE, Jin-Yuan brings his inquisitive and keen perspective towards academic development in higher education.

At TLPD, he manages the division’s learning and teaching events and programmes. Planning the Distinguished Speakers’ Series and co-leading NTU’s Annual Learning and Teaching Conference each year, he seeks to pair pertinent pedagogical practices to meet the unique requirements of NTU’s faculty, staff and educational goals. In addition, he oversees the financial planning and management of TLPD’s budget and supports the division’s faculty development programmes.
June Leong-Ong
Senior Executive

June’s administrative work includes all activities undertaken by TLPD. She plans and manages the administration and logistics of events, courses and programmes run by TLPD and is responsible for the administration of the budget on a day to day basis. She is also TLPD’s first line of communication with the University.

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