The Higher 3 (H3) ‘A’ level curriculum caters to the learning interests of ‘A’ level students who have exceptional ability and passion in a particular subject.


NTU H3 Taught Modules

The NTU-H3 Taught Modules offered by NTU are designed to be extensions of curriculum that is covered in the Higher 2 (H2) subject, but with a greater degree of depth and specialisation.

NTU currently runs two NTU-H3 Taught Modules. The contents of these modules have been crafted by our professors in close collaboration with MOE as well as JC teachers to take into consideration the interests and abilities of students to ensure that the learning experience of these students is maximised and they are fully challenged.

Applications for the 2020-run of the NTU H3 Taught Modules have closed. The next application cycle will be in October 2020.

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NTU H3 Science Research  

NTU H3 Science Research is an extension of the Nanyang Research Programme (NRP).

JC1 students who will be taking the GCE 'A' Level Examinations in JC2 can opt to convert their NRP Enrichment project to an NTU-H3 Science Research project.

Once converted, the project will be considered an 'A' Level examinable subject. The final grade attained will be reflected in the 'A' Level certificate.


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