Student Feedback


The counsellor gave me tips on creative learning techniques which I was not familiar with before, and advised me to be patient. This helped to relieve my anxiety.
- Female, Year 1

Through sharing my problems with the counsellor, I learn more about myself. It also helps me explore my inner self. I find that I can trust the counsellor with my problems.
- Male, Year 2

It's great to be able to release some of my bottled and pent up feelings to somebody who listens attentively.
- Female, Year 3

The counsellor taught me some methods to relax and to relieve my stress which I think is quite helpful.
- Female, Year 3

There are some issues pertaining to students' problems that are best dealt by professionals. They can offer some advice and be the crucial link between a student's willingness to deal with his or her problem and the actual problem faced.
- Male, Year 4

The counsellor is friendly, can understand me from my point of view and help me in different ways.
- Male, Year 1

It helped me work on my problems, and gave me a new approach to life and relationships.
- Male, Year 3

* Permission was given by the above students to publish their comments.

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