Examination Venues & Location

​Examination Venues

Use the Campus Map Search facility to look up examination venues (under the sub-heading "Lecture Theatres, Libraries & Examination Halls")


AFoyer, B1, Nanyang Auditorium
BExhibition Hall, Level 3, Nanyang Auditorium
BLUE RMBlue Room, B1, Nanyang Auditorium
CRIMSON RMCrimson Room, B1, Nanyang Auditorium
CBlock N2, B2c-12, North Spine
DSports Hall 2, Sports & Recreation Centre
ESports Hall 1, Sports & Recreation Centre
FSports Hall 3, Sports & Recreation Centre
KFunction Room, Block SS3-B1, South Spine (Above LKC-LT)
​L​Lobby, School of Biological Sciences
NNorth Hill Function Hall, Level 4
​W​The Wave, Sports & Recreation Centre, Level 2
8Function Hall, Hall of Residence 8
10Function Hall, Hall of Residence 10
12Function Hall, Hall of Residence 12
​15​Function Hall, Hall of Residence 15
TR +80SS4-B1-31, South Spine (same level as Hall K)
TR +87SS4-B1-30, South Spine (same level as Hall K)
​TR +90​Block SS2, SS2-01-11, South Spine
​TR +92​Block SS2, SS2-01-13, South Spine
​​TR102​Block SS1, SS1-01-02, South Spine
​TR103​Block SS1, SS1-01-01, South Spine


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