Academic Appeal

Students who are dissatisfied with the outcome of the review of their examination results may appeal to the Academic Appeal Board (AAB) at the University level if there are sufficient grounds for appeal.

The AAB chaired by the Deputy Provost (Education) is the final level of appeal for students on their examination results.

Only students who have received an outcome for the review of their examination results are allowed to appeal to the AAB. Appeals must include submission of demonstrable evidence of procedural irregularity or unfair assessment. They are not for further review of administrative checks on marking. You are required to consult your mentor/ course coordinator/ School before submitting the appeal.

For timely review and evaluation, appeals to AAB must be submitted within 3 weeks from the date of release of examination results. Appeals outside the stipulated submission period will not be accepted.

Appeals must be submitted via email to OAS ( using the Application for Appeal against Outcome of Review  form with the supporting documents and payment receipt for the appeal.


The fee for each appeal (per course) to the AAB is $30 ($32.10 including prevailing GST). This fee is refundable for appeal outcomes with grade change. Only counter payment at One-Stop @ SAC is accepted for AAB appeals and the application form must be produced when making payment.  E-payment at the kiosk is not allowed.  

Please note that submission of appeals without proof of payment will not be accepted.‚Äč

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