GIC Sparks & Smiles Award

SPARKS logo.jpg Launched in 2015, GIC Sparks & Smiles (Sparks) supports committed Singaporean students from low-income households in making a real difference in the lives of others. The programme seeks to inspire and enable youths in Singapore to play a positive and active role in their communities.

GIC works closely with its charity partner Beyond Social Services (Beyond) to deliver the programme and recipients will gain access to different skills, experiences and opportunities, to empower them to grow in confidence and leadership. 

Beyond provides recipients with mentorship training and connects each of them to a disadvantaged child, youth or family. Acting as facilitators or mentors, recipients must build a relationship so they can make a difference through the act of doing. The activities done together can include tutorship, mentoring or facilitating conversations about key issues such as employment or education.

Recipients will be given:

  • S$6,000 per annum;
  • Customised training by social service professionals in mentoring and management skills; and
  • Insights into Singapore's social landscape and first-hand experience as a mentor and friend to underprivileged children or youths.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Full-time NTU Singaporean undergraduate;
  • Gross Monthly Household Per Capita Income (PCI) of less than or equal to $2,475 per month; and
  • Demonstrated commitment in serving the community.

PCI  =

Gross income of family members in household 

Total number of family members in household 


Gross income refers to amount before deduction of CPF. It includes allowances, overtime, commissions etc.

Application Process

The application period is from August to September each year.
Shortlisted applicants will be required to attend a selection interview.

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Questions about eligibility and application process should be directed to OComm​​​

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