Some people don't just work to make ends meet — they also work to make an impactful difference in their lives and that of others.

Each year, NTU students devote their time, talents, and expertise to serve the public good. They take the lead to plan engagement activities with various communities not just locally, but regionally as well, and have made significant, demonstrable, and direct contributions to society's well-being.

We encourage students to come together to learn, share and champion causes that benefit the community. There are various worthy causes to support in Singapore, from providing support for the young, the elderly, the disadvantaged and disabled, to arts outreach, education and environmental protection.

Get involved today by joining activities organised by the following student organisations:


These student-initiated social entrepreneurship efforts might interest you too:


Other ways to make a difference include:

  • De​veloping and implementing a social impact project​;
  • Embarking on a Final Year Project (FYP) that researches, educates or creates awareness about emerging social trends and issues in Singapore;
  • Initiating a social enterprise.

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