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Are you plugged into the latest technology trends and developments? Do you see bottle necks and pain points that can be solved by technology? Are you amazed by the power of social media in mobilising groups around the world? Are you wowed by the potential of a whole new world driven by infocomm and digital technology?

Love it or hate it, technology has revolutionalised the way the world connects and communicates. Take the first step towards finding out how YOU can be part of the tech-solution in our upcoming Tech For Good. 


Tech For Good @ Enabling Village

Celebrate Singapore's diverse abilities, hidden in the heart of Redhill.​​

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Enabling Village is a community space built to support the integration and inclusion of able-bodied and disabled persons in Singapore. Within EV, you will find several enterprises such as cafes and restaurants, an art gallery, preschool, a supermarket, and even barrier-free event spaces augmented with braille and hearing loop features!

T​his visit will bring you to the home of Tech Able, an assistive technology showcase and co-working space. The first of its kind in Singapore, one of the primary functions of the centre is to bring in assistive technology from around the world for Persons with Disabilities to try. 

An independent life through assistive technology? Think bigger!​​

Date/Time: 14 September 2017 (Thursday), 3pm - 5pm 
Venue: Enabling Village, 20 Lengkong Bahru (Transport will be provided from NTU)
Cost: $3 (This cost goes directly SG Enable beneficiaries)

Each participant will receive a goodie bag include an Art Faculty coupon to redeem a hand crafted drink towards the end of the tour. The café is managed a​nd operated by the Autism Resource Centre (ARC) using baristas with autism.  This is a joint community project by ARC and Starbucks to train persons with autism to be baristas.

This event is over. ​ 
This visit is a Volunteer 360 Experience (#V360E).  #V360E is an initiative by NTU Student Community Engagement to bring you one step closer to hidden communities in Singapore.

ArtScience Musuem Visit: HUMAN + The Future of our Species


Advances in genetic engineering, biotechnology and nanotechnology that not long ago seemed purely science fiction are now real. With cyborgs and superhumans alive amongst us today, what does it mean to be human now? What will it feel like to be a human a hundred years from now? Should we continue to embrace modifications to our minds, bodies and daily lives? How can we ensure that technology will only be used for good in a world where humans are embracing artificial intelligence, lifelike robots and genetic modification?

Journey with us in our guided tour at ArtScience Museum's HUMAN+ The Future of Our Species to explore the possible future paths of our species as well as the social, ethical and environmental questions raised in using technology to enhance humankind.  ​

Date/Time: 20 September 2017 (Wednesday), 2.30pm - 5.30pm 
Venue: ArtScience Museum (Transport will be provided from NTU)
Cost: $10 (Refundable)

This event is over. ​ ​

Movie Screening: Ghost In The Shell 

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In Ghost In The Shell, director Rupert Sanders has laid out his vision for a hyper-connected world which is at once mind-bendingly futuristic and utterly foreseeable. Set in a bustling metropolis that is part crumbling concrete high-rises and part digital wonderland, the world is transitioning from present day into an international megacity; where technology has been embedded at all levels of society. 

This highly-anticipated live-action remake of the mid-Nineties Japanese anime film, stars Scarlett Johansson "Major" a cyborg with an indestructible robot body, but a human mind. 

Pay attention to the practical predictions of future innovations such as the automated outfit change and the instant vitamin injections, and ask yourself how close are we to seeing this society realised by science and technology? 

*Organised by HAS Commercial Leasing in conjunction with Tech for Good. 

Date/Time: 20 September 2017 (Wednesday), 6.30pm - 8.30pm 
Venue: LT 2A (Next to Prime Supermarket)

Registration not required.

Hackathon: UpReCycling For Good!


Show off your skills and imagination with this take-home hackathon* and stand to win up to $3000 worth of prizes! 

First Prize$1,500
Second Prize$1,000
Third Prize$500​

Stringing together various charities such as Association of Persons with Special Needs (APSN) and Down Syndrome​​ Association (DSA), with the support of President's Challenge, Computer Science and Engineering Club (CSEC) has teamed up with social enterprise Bev.Eat. Pte Ltd (a technology partner) to organise a hackathon aimed at addressing a deep-seated community need.


Information session (Dinner provided)21 September 2017, 6pm (LT8, North Spine)
Submission deadline24 September 2017,11.59pm (Online)
Notification to shortlisted teams26 September 2017
​Final pitch & prize presentation 27 September 2017​ (LT 11, North Spine)

Take part as an individual or form a team of up to 5 people and pit yourselves against creative like-minded peers to develop an innovative application that can potentially improve public service and social behaviour!

Registration closed.

*Coding & programming skills required.


Tech For Good is the latest in #THEFORGOODSESSIONS that seeks to inspire students to develop a sense of social awareness and passion for community initiatives. Students will discover through exhibitions, talks, workshops and the arts, how their various disciplines of study can positively impact the world. 

Previous sessions include Business For Good, Design For Good, ​Engineer For Good and Finance For Good.​

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