Past Events


NTU Fest 2015 5ynergy Run

The 5ynergy Run rasied sufficient funds to kick-start NTU Sea Lionsa multi-year programme in partnership with SportCares that aims to promote character development to underprivileged children and youth through sports. Apart from instilling confidence and teaching critical life skills to the participants, the long term vision of this programme is to expose them to positive paths that they may not otherwise have access to, and lift them out of the social risk cycle.

Aside from the formal coaching by accredited instructors, student volunteers also serve as befrienders and mentors to programme participants.

100% of the run registration fees have been channelled to this programme, thank you for your support! 

Read more about NTU Sea Lions here​.

About SportCares

SportCares is a social development initiative to seed hope and change the lives of people in need--through sport. Launched under Singapore’s Vision 2030: Live Better through Sports masterplan in 2012, the SportCares Foundation and Movement link the underprivileged, the at-risk, the needy, the disabled and the disadvantaged with passionate volunteers and community-spirited donors through sustained sport programming.

100% of all monies raised by SportCares is invested in programming.

Read more about SportCares here.

​​NTU Fest 2014 - Seeing Beyond Yourself

The mega one-day event was held at the Padang on 16 August  2014 and included a carnival, charity run and free concert headlined by Korean stars Kang Gary and Jung-In. It was the biggest event the NTU Students’ Union has ever organised, and marked the highlight of the NTU Freshmen Welcome Week.

Proceeds from the sale of carnival coupons for use at the 55 booths, and the $10 registration fees for the 5TYLO MILE-O fun run were channelled towards the ITE Endowment Fund which provides financial assistance to needy ITE students.

The carnival booths run by NTU and ITE students featured a variety of cuisines, games and fun activities for all ages. NTU and ITE students also showcased their creativity, dynamism and energy on stage earlier in the day.

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