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#THEFORGOODSESSIONS seeks to inspire students to develop a sense of social awareness and passion for community initiatives. Students will discover through talks, exhibitions, workshops and art on how their disciplines of study can positively impact the world. 

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Missed our previous sessions? Click on the links below for past events:​​​

Business For Good (2016)


NTU Fest was started by a group of students with the goal to unify the student population for a worthy cause. In addition to student leadership, NTU Fest believes in the need to create a socially inclusive society and to nurture a giving heart amongst tomorrow's generations of leaders. There's no better way to achieve this goal than through an event that drives student philanthropy and social involvement, while providing students an avenue to engage in a project larger than life.

The most recent NTU Fest in 2015 include a charify fun run - the 5ynergy Run, that raised money to support a multi-year programme in partnership with SportCare.

Read more about past events here​.

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