Congratulations to our REP Student for winning Golden Prize at GIS Taiwan Competition

Name of the competition: GIS Taiwan

About the competition: GIS Taiwan (Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan) is an international student forum instructed by National Taiwan University and organized by students. Established in 2009, the symposium assembles scholars, entrepreneurs, and student delegates all over the world, integrating academic knowledge into practical application, building a platform across generation and industries, and promoting diverse voices. In the 10th GIS Taiwan held from 9th – 13th July, there was a business Action Project component with the 2 themes, mainly Artificial Intelligence and Platform Economy. Delegates are assigned into teams of 4-5 to work on a project of chosen theme with the deliverable of a business pitch at an exhibition on the last day.
Date of the competition: 9th – 13th July
Achievement:  Golden Prize
Prize:  NTD3500
REP Students:  Hset Min Htet
Product/Proposal:  LendMe – Blockchain-based peer-to-peer electronics sharing platform
Description: Electronics is one of the product categories that are fairly expensive and underutilised. For example, if one wants to take drone/GoPro videos on a holiday, one have to fork out $500+ for a good quality piece. Furthermore, once bought, these electronics are not utilised and just collects dust at home. LendMe wants to solve that problem by connecting users with spare electronics lying around to those who want to use those electronics temporarily but do not want to commit to owning one. Lenders can list the electronics they want up for rent and borrowers can browse through the listing. LendMe will take a 20% service fee to cover expenses as well as provide insurance for the Lenders. Borrowers can also opt to buy insurance in case of damages. The platform will be built on the blockchain as sanctity, accountability and traceability of the transactions is the core of the platform and blockchain’s feature of immutability and traceability aligns perfectly with the needs of the platform.

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