Congratulations to our REP Students for winning 3rd Prize in MOHH'S Assisted Bathing Challenge

Name of the competition: Assisted Bathing Challenge

About the competition: In nursing homes and healthcare facilities alike, nurses and caretakers are responsible for many tasks. One such task is bathing the homes' residents who often are bed-ridden and require the use of a shower trolley. This method of bathing is quite time-consuming and requires the presence of 2 caretakers which means man-hours are not effectively allocated. Thus MOHH devised this competition as a way of getting new, innovative ideas that improves the current way of bathing in nursing homes by cutting down the number of man-hours while allowing residents to be given a dignified bathing experience. 

Achievement:  3rd Prize
Prize: $1000
REP Students: Ada Tan Yin Dawn,Benjamin Lum Jun Ying, Garion(Ng Yu Xuan), Joseph Teo Tjia Ler,Jodie Kwan Shaynn-Yi
Product/Proposal: Team SQUIRTLE proposed a fully mechanical shower trolley that is convertible from a bed to wheelchair through a series of gears, links and scissor jack. The shower trolley also features a chest plate, that allows the residents to tilt slightly forward in the sitting position for the caregivers to gain access to their backs. This solution caters to both bed-ridden and wheelchair bound residents, and minimizes the mechanical stress on the caretakers to maneuver the resident during the bathing process.
Description: The team made it through 2 rounds of competition and emerged as second runner-up. The competition pitted students from different schools to come up with different ideas and prototypes to help minimize time and labour spent in bathing the elderly.

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