Congratulations to our REP Students for winning 1st Prize in PSA Game IT 2017

Name of the competition: PSA Game IT 

About the competition:  PSA Game IT was a competition to develop a mobile game for PSA Singapore. The working game prototype had to demonstrate the key game concept while educating the public on PSA's core business. The competition started in August and concluded in October, with 45 teams of up to 5 full time students from Singapore‚Äôs University and Polytechnics participating, and with 8 teams making it to the finals. 

Achievement: 1st Prize and Most Popular App (780 votes) 

Prize: S$10,000 (1st Place), S$500 (Most Popular App) 

REP Students:  Chen Chin Jieh, Lee Wei Rong, Sng Guo Jie and Wang  Andai.

Team:   iPort 

Product/Proposal:  Shipeee! 

Description:  Shipeee! is an exciting puzzle game where the aim is to safely guide trucks from one ship to another, for the purpose of transhipment. However, there will be obstacles and other trucks along the way that, if not managed properly, will threaten the safe operations of the port. It will be down to the player's reaction and planning skills to ensure that the operations of the port proceed without a hitch. 

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