Congratulations to our REP Students for winning 1st Prize in MOHH'S Assisted Bathing Challenge

Name of the competition: Assisted Bathing Challenge.

About the competition: In nursing homes and healthcare facilities alike, nurses and caretakers are responsible for many tasks. One such task is bathing the homes' residents who often are bed-ridden and require the use of a shower trolley. This method of bathing is quite time-consuming and requires the presence of 2 caretakers which means man-hours are not effectively allocated. Thus MOHH devised this competition as a way of getting new, innovative ideas that improves the current way of bathing in nursing homes by cutting down the number of man-hours while allowing residents to be given a dignified bathing experience. 
Achievement: 1st Prize
Prize: $1500
REP Students:  Kok Yixuan Tiffany, Lee Zhi Rui, Pan Xin-Min, Shen Chen, Tan Zhen Yuan, Teo Ren Jie
Team: DEF
Product/Proposal: DEF proposed a multi-purpose shower system, called KiAi, that removes the need for caretakers to turn residents over as the water system installed washes the residents' backs while they are lying down. 
Description: The team made it through 2 rounds of competition and emerged champions. The competition pitted students from different schools to come up with different ideas and prototypes to help minimize time and labour spent in bathing the elderly.

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