Congratulations to our REP Students for being shortlisted as finalists for the LTA Engineering Challenge 2016!

​​​Name of the Competition :The LTA Engineering Challenge for Sustainable transport and Future Mobility.

About the competition: The competition aims to build up Singapore’s engineering talent pool by encouraging innovation and creativity among youth and engineering professionals.

Participants are invited to explore their ideal future of land transport in Singapore in the two themes of ‘Sustainable Transport’ and ‘Future Mobility’. Their product should show relevance to either one of the themes by providing some form of solution addressing their respective challenge questions.

Achievement : Finalist among 101 entries. 

REP Students: Lim Jia Ler Catrina, Ye Yunxi Sarah, Adna Kerh Yu Xi, Ong Jia Rui, Tay Junyang Sherman, Chuan De Sheng and Caleb Mah.


Title of the Proposal: A mobile app designed to improve the walking experience.

Description: In an effort to encourage more people to walk, the project aims to improve the walking experience of residents by developing a mobile application. The app will be integrated with Google Maps API, allowing users to contribute inputs such as road works, construction and traffic to the database. Largely financed by crowd-funding, the team plans to test the application and map over several walking routes in the South Spine area of the NTU campus.

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