Congratulations to our REP Students for being awarded Grit prize, 2nd prize and 3rd prize in the NTC IdeasInc Startathon

‚ÄčName of the Competition: NTC IdeasInc Startathon.

About the competition: A 30-hour non-stop competition where students generate an idea on the spot, create a prototype and creatively present it to the judges through something known as an "experience booth". A hardware solution presented with a business model.  

Achievement: Grit prize
REP students: Pang Tuck Weng, Natalie Chin Li Wun, Wong Song Wei, Khor Le Yi and Janus Kiong Yan Cong.
Idea: Make use of augmented reality to improve the learning of STEM courses (particularly distance learning)

Achievement: 2nd Prize
REP Students: Thomas Tham Ting Hoi, Trudy Sih Shu Min, Abilash Subbaraman, Ng Shi Kai And Tan Li Ling.
Idea: An interactive panel that provides customized questions that links students interest and theory to real world application.

Achievement: 3rd Prize
REP students: Lew Wei Hao, Koh Hong Da, Ang Wei Loong  & 1 HSS student.
Idea: An online platform for graduates of online courses to apply their new-learnt knowledge in real life projects by working as freelancers and gaining experience points/higher levels through doing more projects.



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