Congratulations to our REP Students for being awarded 2nd prize in the LTA Engineering Challenge 2016, University Category!

Name of the Competition: LTA Engineering Challenge for Sustainable Transport and Future Mobility.​

About the competition: The competition aims to build up Singapore’s engineering talent pool by encouraging innovation and creativity among youth and engineering professionals.
Participants are invited to explore their ideal future of land transport in Singapore in the two themes of ‘Sustainable Transport’ and ‘Future Mobility’. Their product should show relevance to either one of the themes by providing some form of solution addressing their respective challenge questions.

Achievement: 2nd PRIZE WINNERS in the LTA Innovation Challenge 2016, University Category!

Prize: Cash prize of $3,000

REP Students: Lee Min Jaclyn, Lim Shi Ying Serene, See Jie Xun, Chua Yu Xuan, Ang Yang and Huang Zhiwei.
Team: S-REV.

Title of the Proposal: A modified electric scooter with a self-returning function.

Description: Capitalizing on the growing trend of self-driving cars and the increasing popularity of personal electric scooters, this project creates a modified electric scooter with a self-returning function that enables it to be driven back to the pre-programmed locations after use. The users scan their IC/EZlink card to start and end the ride, upon which each scooter enters into a driverless mode and uses its internal GPS system with multiple motion sensors to return to its docking station.

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