Congratulations to our REP Students for being awarded 1st prize in the IEEE iNTUition Hackthathon 2016

Name of the Competition: IEEE iNTUition Hackthathon 2016

About the competition: iNTUition Hackthathon is an event where newbies and seasoned veterans alike spend the weekend building meaningful and/or crazy projects from scratch. The term "hack" is used to describe how multiple technologies can be used together in a new and innovative way.

Achievement: 1st prize in the IEEE iNTUition Hackthathon 2016.

REP Students: Wong Khee Ern, Tommy Yong Yong Chao, Tee Meiyi and Haritha Muralidharan

Product: A smart sensor that measures the fill level of rubbish bins. So if a bin is full, it will notify a central cloud system, which will then notify the building manager (or cleaners) by sending a push notification through an app.


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