Congratulations to our REP Students for being a Grand Winners in Mitsubishi Electric TECH PUSH Singapore 2018

Name of the competition: Mitsubishi Electric TECH PUSH Singapore 2018

About the competition: Mitsubishi Electric is sharing their IPs (technologies developed inhouse) with young entrepreneurs/researchers to co-create future business. We are open to new business ideas and/or product ideas inspired by their IPs. And the program is to incubate the idea into real business seeds through a series of workshops. At the end of the workshops, we will have closed idea showcase events (i.e., pitch event) in front of Mitsubishi Electric members, and the selected teams will be awarded to further accelerate each plan!
Date of the competition: Final Pitching Day 11 Aug (Sat)
Achievement: Grand Winners
Prize: SGD 3000
REP Students: Lee Zhi Rui, Tan Zhen Yuan, Johann Chan and team

Product/Proposal: Quartz
Description: Team SafeHaven presents the Quartz, a self-contained, cost-efficient tsunami warning system that addresses gaps in current global tsunami detection system. The product leverages the SeaAerial technology to ease implementation and maintenance for vulnerable communities, helping to save lives.

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