Congratulations to our REP Students for being a Champion team in Toshiba Retail Challenge 2018

Name of the competition:Toshiba Retail Challenge 2018.

About the Competition:The theme for Toshiba Retail Challenge 2018 is "Solving Grocery Retailer's Challengers by Enhancing the Digital Transformation Experience of their Customers". This competition serves as a platform for participants to showcase their most innovative ideas to Toshiba's clients' business challenges.

Date of the competition: Monday, 15th October 2018
Achievement: Champion
Prize: $3000
REP Students:Ang Yang, Chen Wei Jian, Phang Jun Yu 

Product/Proposal:Toshi, a personal shopping assistant powered by Augmented Reality

Description: Their product, Toshi, is a personal shopping assistant that will transform the grocery shopping experience. Users can create and share grocery lists on the Toshi web-app at home before shopping. When they arrive in the grocery store, they can then retrieve their consolidated grocery list in-store via the Toshi tablet app and attach the tablet to their shopping cart via a customised tablet holder. Based on the grocery list, Toshi will generate an optimised shopping path through the grocery store by utilizing CSP techniques via machine-learning and guide the shopper through the store via Augmented Reality (AR). While shopping, a shopper can also scan a product barcode, which will call and render a detailed product description via AR on the tablet, giving the shopper the ability to make more informed choices. Brands can also use our AR platform to further engage shoppers through creating interesting AR content. This correspondingly creates business value for Toshiba through the sale of AR ad space. Once the user has finished shopping, Toshi will hinge on Toshiba's Elevate platform to generate a QR code which the cashier can then scan to retrieve the final grocery list, thus simplifying the payment process.

Their group developed a website dashboard, an AR powered Unity scene and a iPad application to demonstrate the above concepts via a booth presentation. The judges were impressed by the completeness and technical proficiency of our solution, eventually allowing them to clinch first place for this challenge.

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