Congratulations to our REP Students for being a 2nd Runner Up in HKUST International Case Competition

Name of the competition: HKUST International Case Competition.

About the Competition: HKICC is a prestigious invitation-only tiered one international business case competition, held in Hong Kong annually. This was the 15th iteration of the competition. The cases were on Lifestyle Holdings International, a listed company in HKEx with most of their businesses in the operations of SOGO Hong Kong. For Case 1, the contesting teams had to come up with a sustainability proposal for SOGO within 3 hours and for Case 2, it was a digitalisation strategy for the growth of SOGO in HK in 22 hours.
Date of the competition: 20/10/2018 - 26/10/2018
Achievement: 2nd Runners Up

REP Students: Stephen Ng, Milla Samuel and Team
Kick off case: Tiered sustainability award system encouraging business partners to adopt sustainable practices.
Final Case: Two pronged digital strategy to target local and tourist customer segments based on their behavourial patterns when shopping

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