Congratulations to our REP Students for being First in Asia in Rhodes & Schwarz 5G Broadcasting Engineering Competition 2019

Name of the competition: Rhodes & Schwarz 5G Broadcasting Engineering Competition.

About the competition: Rhodes & Schwarz has organized the international Engineering Competition since 2004. Students in IT, electrical engineering and communications engineering are invited to take part in a competition dealing with current high-tech issues and showcase their knowledge and capabilities. This year is about improving future streaming experience using innovative 5G broadcasting technology.

Date of the competition: May 2019

Achievement: First in Asia. Top 6 Internationally. Top Scoring team during the Finals held in Germany, Munich.

Prize: All expense paid trip to Germany, Munich.

REP Students: Chin Zhi Wei, Jervis Chan, Larry Lee, Nigel Lee, Vincent Yong

Description /Proposal: Industry partners believes that communications and control beyond 2020 will involve a combination of existing and evolving systems. This includes existing systems like LTE-Advanced and Wi-Fi, coupled with new, revolutionary technologies designed to meet new requirements, such as virtually zero latency to support tactile Internet, machine control or augmented reality. 5G will be the set of technical components and systems needed to handle these requirements and overcome the “limits” of current systems.

They coded an application which integrates with Machine Learning algorithms to optimise the channel selection procedure. Some algorithms that they selected are Decision Trees Bagging and Extreme Gradient Boosting. By creating a program which can be integrated into the company’s work flow, they are able to maximise the user experience with Rhodes & Schwarz’s R&S 5G Broadcast Network.

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