Congratulations to our REP Students for winning 3rd prize in P&G Laundry Experience Pitch Day 2017

About the competition: This Pitch Day is an international Open Innovation Challenge held for P&G in collaboration with The Hub Singapore to seek out new breakthroughs on how to improve consumers’ lives by minimising the hassle of doing laundry, and generate ideas for the right mobile app, website, smart device or other technology solution to reinvent the laundry experience and breathe new life into it. Teams from around the world compete to demonstrate how any part of the laundry experience (sorting, product, dosing, drying, best results) can be faster, better and smarter, and transform laundry from a chore to a seamless activity.

Achievement: 3rd Prize winner.

Prize: $5,000 

REP Students: Nisha Srinidhi, Seetoh Rui Ming Daniel, Johan Kok Zhi Kang, Lim Jia Song John and Danny Soo Hong Kit.

Product: A mobile app that aims to be a personal laundry assistant.

Description: They implemented a mobile app that aims to be a personal laundry assistant - right from telling you when’s the best time to do your laundry (based on weather forecast data and your personal calendar), to reminding you to collect your clothes at the right time (when they’re dry), and also suggesting what’s the best fabric care for different types of fabric. They used Microsoft’s Xamarin studio to build the Android app, and used Microsoft’s Azure to implement machine learning elements. The product was targeted at the Japanese and Chinese market, where majority of people dry their clothes on clothing lines and hence face trouble planning their laundry timings as there's uncertainty in weather conditions.

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