Social and Welfare

The Social & Welfare Committee aims to develop the REP community as a second family away from home. We aim to foster camaraderie between peers, inter and intra-batch by scheduling frequent #hangouts for students to develop interests and learn from each other, while coordinating annual events such as Chinese New Year Celebrations and End of Year Party.

The hangouts are a fun way for people to share their interest with the whole of REP and a way for them to connect with others who have similar interests. We also frequently organize fun events such as trekking, gaming and chit-chat events to encourage inter-batch bonding so that the seniors can share with the juniors on their experiences and the juniors can bring their energy to the REP community as well.  

Social & Welfare members are also pro-active in assisting students with their problems, as well as in maintaining the upkeep of the REP facilities. All in all, we help to keep the REP community a happy and bubbly place.


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