Nanyang Technological University


REPlay is a full day event for all REP students to play and have fun. It comprises of a day of competitive sports and an evening of cultural performances ­at the Talent Night. In the day, batches cheer their representatives on as they compete with representatives from other batches in various team sports such as basketball, street soccer and floorball. Through these friendly competitions, students across batches were provided with reprieve from academic work, as well as a chance to build rapport with their sports teams.  It has always been an exciting affair as batches pool their skills together to contest for the overall REPlay champion batch.​

After the sports day, REP students will gather together as a family to enjoy a night of hearty dinner and amazing dance and band performances put up by our own REP students at the Talent Night. Talent night is an excellent platform for REP students to uncover their hidden talent or potential as for many performers, it could be their first time learning to dance or perform in front of an audience. The preparation and journey to the actual showcase also provide a priceless opportunity for juniors and seniors to get to know each other, cumulating in the final showcase in front of their peers. REPlay’s Talent Night is therefore an evening for REP students to appreciate the artistic talents of their peers, and for performers to build lasting friendships and explore learning opportunities.

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