IGNIRE Freshman Orientation Camp

IGNIRE is our annual week-long freshmen orientation camp, and is easily one of REP’s biggest events each year. Through a whole host of fun and exciting camp activities, we aim to integrate each and every freshman into REP, and make them feel like a part of the REP family from the very first day.
Planning and organising IGNIRE is very much a batch effort, with a majority of the year 2s involved in one aspect or another. Each year, the IGNIRE Committee oversees and executes the entire planning of the camp, starting as early as 8 months out. This dynamic committee is all in for walking uncharted grounds, daring to try out new and exciting programmes all in a bid to give incoming freshmen a unique and unforgettable experience unlike no other camp. Through IGNIRE, not only can freshmen look forward to fun and games, but also forging deep and lasting bonds of friendship as they embark on their 4.5 years’ journey.
What are you waiting for? Sign up for IGNIRE today!

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