Humanitarian Engineers and Leaders

​​Humanitarian Engineers and Leaders (HEAL) is a team dedicated to engaging in meaningful overseas service learning. With a focus on utilising our engineering/business knowledge and skills, we aim to create value-added solutions to our partners while maintaining an ongoing and close relationship.​

We believe in developing sustainable low-cost solutions which require minimal maintenance that can benefit the poor living in the underdeveloped world. Currently, we are partnered with Operation Hope Foundation – a well-established NGO in Cambodia – ensures that we have good mentorship and reliable information from the ground. Some of the projects we have done include water treatment system, drip irrigation, solar-powered lamps and basic programming workshops. We are always on the lookout for new projects where a simple solution can solve problems for many people. 

We welcome anyone who is interested to join our journey in helping the less privileged, making and developing things as well as learning and experiencing a different culture. Hope to see you with us!

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