Business Development

The Business Development Committee aims to aid REP students with their career development. Working closely with the Career Attachments Office and the REP Office, BD acts as an intermediary between our students and external organisations, providing opportunities for industrial exposure and to develop career related skills. We aim to cater to each engineering specialisation, to provide insights to different industries and roles.

Our activities are split into 3 main components: Company Engagements, Workshops, and Sharing Sessions. 

We liaise with companies to organise company visits and dialogue/networking sessions. Through these events, our students are able to interact with the engineers and managers of the companies to get a better idea and a bigger picture view of the particular company, the industry, and the job scopes of each role. This helps students make more informed career choices and get the chance to network with potential employers.

We also work with the CAO to organise career skills workshops taught by experienced trainers. These can provide students with invaluable skills which can help them stand out and excel in their working life.

In addition, we strongly believe in the value of connecting with our alumni. We regularly hold sharing sessions with former REP students, to find out more about the industry, and gain valuable advice from professionals with similar skill sets and education backgrounds. These sessions are more informal than dialogue sessions with external companies, and provide a comfortable environment for open discussion. We are very fortunate to have a strong, diverse and supportive alumni group who are ever willing to come down to share with their juniors.

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