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​​​​ My internship at McLaren Applied Technologies focused on profiling the Decision Support System (DSS) market, for the purpose of formulating future market development strategies. As a whole, the work provided me with very relevant insights and matured my perspective of the industry. In my 11 weeks there, I got to know the working culture of the company and how the entire organisational structure of McLaren synergizes to achieve their vision. In addition, I was absorbed into the Formula One hype, got to see many of the cars up close, and even experience the Singapore GP from the other perspective!

Gabriel Chin, Year 4
Specialising in Mechanical Engineering
Interned at McLaren Applied Technologies, Woking, UK

gab.jpg As a web development intern at Merck & Co, I had the opportunity to see the software development cycle used in the industry, as well as their tech infrastructure. Together with two other interns, Kian Boon and Yew Long, we took on multiple roles throughout our internships, evaluating RFP bids for software, providing insights into mobile-readiness of certain software, and interacted with various departments and created search engines to solve their needs using the agile methodology. We had the opportunity to get to know other interns around the area, as well as attend multiple events catered just for the interns at Merck. Our supervisors were extremely approachable and flexible, providing help and guidance on issues we encountered along the way, as well as allowing us to work from home on days when we were simply developing software, and there was no need to be in office physically. There were great benefits too, such as a go-pro as a welcome gift, and opportunities for cyber networking with our counterparts in Singapore and Prague. Located in New Jersey, we were able to explore the east coast on our weekends and holidays too!

Daniel Seetoh, Year 4
Specialising in Computer Science
Interned at Merck & Co in Branchburg, New Jersey, USA

Nguyen Thanh.JPG

De-Ice Technologies is a startup founded by MIT graduates that removes ice from airplanes before take off. Brought on as the sole intern with an aerospace engineering background, I was able to capitalise on my technical knowledge from NTU, knowledge of the aviation industry and entrepreneurship from UC Berkeley to do aircraft analysis, from electrical systems to aircraft ownership and FAA regulations. While having brilliant, young supervisors created a fun working environment, the startup culture was amplified by the shared office and prototyping space at Greentown Labs near Boston since we could also interact with over 40 other cleantech hardware startups and build connections on top of our monthly networking event. The location meant that on weekends we could explore New England and America’s colonial past or visit New York City or Montreal while meeting people from Harvard and MIT. My internship was extremely fulfilling, both professionally and to complete the US experience.

Nath Sudswong, Year 4
Specialising in Aerospace Engineering
Interned at De-Ice Technologies, Inc., Boston, USA

R2 Matthew James.jpgMy internship was with Becton Dickinson (BD) under the Medication and Procedural Solution business unit. I was tasked to modify the surface textures of elastomeric rubber and analyze its effects on friction. The learning curve was steep initially, considering that I am specializing in chemical engineering and my research area is on materials. Fortunately, I had a very helpful supervisor who attended to my enquiries even when he was on a short business trip and vacation. The more experienced colleagues there were very approachable, and they would willingly share their experiences and give me some career and travel advices. The other interns were also friendly and we had fun participating in our very own ping pong tournament. BD is located at Franklin Lakes in New Jersey, and Manhattan is just about an hour away from where I stayed. It was certainly my most exciting summer so far.

Bobie Arifin,Year 4 
Specialising in Chemical Engineering
Interned at Becton, Dickinson & Company (BD), New Jersey, USA

 R2 Matthew James.jpg


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