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Overseas Experience

The overseas year of study unique to the REP is not just about having fun. It is a time of learning and experiencing. I was impressed by the strong engineering and maker culture in Berkeley and started immersing myself in hands-on classes and student clubs focusing on robotics and hands-on electronics. As an electrical engineering specialisation in REP, building things beyond just studying, helped me see my knowledge come to life in the things I built. I hope to bring these skills back and share the passion, joy and art of making cool stuff.

John Lim, Year 4
UC Berkeley experience
Specialising in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The overseas year programme is a lot about learning how to live independently. It greatly widens my perspective as it challenges me to really balance work and play. The exposure and learning to live with people of various cultures teaches me a lot of people skills and how to deal with disagreements. I'm also exposed to very different teaching styles and active participation in the classroom. The chance to visit so many different countries has also exposed me to the rich culture of Europe but at the same time it has also made me treasure Singapore more.

​ Joelle Fung, Year 4
Imperial College experience
Specialising in Mechanical Engineering​

I have come to realise that REP is such a big part of my life. Above all else, it is family, and it is the people who define the programme. Especially while away on the overseas year, I've come to appreciate the precious people in REP even more, and I want to invest in these relationships, as it will definitely be for a lifetime! Here at Berkeley, I am excited about the way different disciplines intersect. The variety of courses, activities and experiences that result is incredible, and I would like to bring these ideas back to Singapore.

Amber Tan, Year 4
UC Berkeley experience
Specialising in Civil Engineering​

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